With our experience and property knowledge, we are able to provide a high level, tailored and personal service to our clients.


technical due diligence

Thorpe Building Consultancy is experienced in undertaking technical due diligence (TDD ) surveys for all property types ranging from retail, industrial, business and holiday parks to office and residential blocks.  We have acted for clients including individual purchasers, funds, leaseholders, PROPCO’s and local authorities, all of whom have different requirements.  Our experience allows us to understand what the commercial environment requires of TDD, identifying potential opportunities and investment in the acquisition in addition to liabilities, defects and costs.  With the ever changing environment we keep abreast of all requirements and trends to deliver TDD to fulfill the clients' requirements.  


vendors surveys

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Now becoming increasingly common, Vendor Surveys are often undertaken by owners prior to selling a property or portfolio, as they can help speed up the sale process.  A Vendor Survey gives an independent and impartial opinion/assessment of the property and also enables the vendor to resolve and correct any deficiencies that a purchaser’s surveyor may raise, ensuring the maximum sale price is achieved.


planned preventive maintenance surveys

The opposite of reactive repairs, a Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey is a strategic approach which, once in place, allows the building owners/occupiers to maintain, manage and improve their properties over a period of time. Properly drafted, they are an invaluable component of good estate management, of benefit to owners and occupiers alike, and are important for when a landlord seeks to recover costs of a planned maintenance programme from the tenants via a service charge.  It provides transparency and assists in developing the service charge for the property.  The PPM reports prepared by Thorpe Building Consultancy involve a detailed survey of the property, from which a quantified and strategic planned maintenance programme is established over a period of time which suits clients requirements and budgets.  We are able to assist in scheduling work packages and overseeing the works on site through to a successful completion and updating the PPM as required.


building pathology

As Chartered Building Surveyors, one of our core skills is understanding building pathology and defects, why they have arisen and the most cost effective solution to resolve the problem. Defects may occur because of a wide range of issues including but not limited to design deficiencies, material and workmanship deficiencies which can be fundamental, cause functional issues or be cosmetic.  With our experience and expertise of understanding defects it allows us to identify, investigate and determine the nature of the defect and recommend the appropriate course of remediation.


Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment (BRCA) or a Fire Insurance Valuation is the assessment of a property’s cost for reinstatement for insurance purposes.  It entails an assessment on a day one basis of the cost to rebuild the subject property on a like for like basis.  It requires an inspection and measurements of the property to be carried out from which a BRCA Report is prepared which details costs of demolition, reinstatement, professional and statutory fees and any other factors which would have an effect on costs.


schedules dilapidations

Dilapidations are breaches of the lease covenants associated with the condition of the property.  At Thorpe Building Consultancy we act for either the landlord or the tenant.  On behalf of the landlord we will provide advice as to the type of schedule to be served, prepare the schedule of dilapidations and negotiate the claim.  On behalf of the tenant, we review any claim served and respond to the claim as appropriate to minimise the liability.  Through our experience and expert knowledge in this field, we are able to provide the best advice and approach to meet our clients requirements having full regards of the latest case law.


Strategic Dilapidations Advice

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We advise tenants on their potential dilapidations liability by undertaking a dilapidations liability assessment.  We review all lease documentation associated with the building/occupancy and provide a quantified liability in order to allow the tenant to understand what the landlords claim may look like. From this we provide the tenant with a structured approach in managing and minimising their liability.  As part of this engagement, we provide advice as to their overall exit strategy from the property, having regard to their business objectives and future intentions.


schedule condition

A schedule of condition is a factual record of the condition of a property and comprises a detailed description and extensive photographic record which confirms the property’s condition before possession takes place. It acts as a benchmark to refer back to in the future.  There are many instances when a schedule of condition is required for example to be appended to a lease, a Party Wall Award or before any construction works take place nearby.  We have the technical knowledge and experience in preparing detailed schedules of condition for all instances.


licence alter

It is often necessary for tenants to carry out alterations to a property either before or during their occupancy.  Subject to the terms of the lease and the type of alterations they are wishing to carry out, a licence will be required to be agreed between the landlord and tenant which confirms the conditions on which the consent is granted.  At Thorpe Building Consultancy we have the experience acting on behalf of either the landlord or tenant.  On behalf of the landlord, we review and assess the tenant’s proposals and how it may affect the property, together with monitoring of the work to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.  On behalf of the tenant, we prepare all documentation required to be appended to the licence, from which we can finalise the specification/works schedule and project manage the works on the tenant’s behalf through to completion.


building design

At Thorpe Building Consultancy we understand that design is the realisation of an idea. We have the expertise in bringing the idea to life through the preparation of plans and detailed specifications and together with our project management skills, can help in creating the physical reality.


space planning 

We have the experience and expertise in taking a space and creating the environment which the client longs for. Through undertaking an in depth analysis of how the space is to be used and its constraints, we are able to produce plans that create solutions and fulfil the client's requirements.


contract administration

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At Thorpe Building Consultancy we provide pre and post contract services. Understanding the client’s requirement allows us to formulate a scope, provide designs, recommend the form of contract to use (JCT or NEC) from which detailed specifications and schedules of work can be prepared ready for approval by the client.  Once approved, the tender package is collated and we manage the whole tender process through to the appointment of the contractor and preparation of contract documentation.  Once on site we administrator the contract, carrying out full contract administration duties through to practical completion and the end of defects. From here we prepare the contract documentation, whether under JCT or NEC form and administrator the contract, monitoring the works, reviewing programmes, issuing progress reports, assessing valuations and certifying through to practical completion and end of defects. We have experience in all sectors of the UK Property Industry.


project management

Project Management is the process of leading a team to produce a complete project which achieves all of the project goals and within the defined constraints. Our strength lies in the diversity of our experience and our technical knowledge of property and construction. We deliver refurbishment schemes, alterations, extensions and new build assets, across all sectors.


project monitoring

Project Monitoring is the protecting of the client’s interests from the risks associated with a development/scheme that is not under their direct control. We review every stage of the process to identify any potential issues that may impact on the delivery of the project. We are the eyes and ears of the client during the development process.


Lenders Independent Monitoring Surveyor

Often referred to as Bank, Fund & Development monitoring, it is a specialist service with its primary obligation being the independent technical due diligence of a project. It entails assessing the initial risks through a detailed review of the proposals, planning requirements, building regulations and other statutory compliance, procurement etc. and monitoring the progress of the project, assessing any arising risks and approving drawdowns from a technical perspective in accordance with the agreed lending terms.  Our experience in this field has spanned the last 15 years, ranging from small but complex schemes to multi million pound lending facilities.


employers agent

Associated with design and build contracts, Thorpe Building Consultancy has the expertise and strong technical skills to manage the project from commencement through to completion. Appointed by the client to represent them and their interests both pre and post contract, we ensure that all actions detailed in the project’s appointment documents and contract are addressed and completed, in addition to advising the client through an unbiased view.


cost consultancy

We manage and advise on the cost of the project through our initial feasibility study and then by managing the cost and scope of the design to ensure it remains within budget and fulfils the proposals.  Once tendered to contractors, we benchmark their submissions and once the contractor is appointed, we oversee the construction works to ensure the works are progressing in line with the programme and within budgets.  We understand clients want cost certainty and through our involvement at the early stages, we ensure a greater control on costs through the duration of a project.


Party Walls Neighbourly Matters

Through our extensive experience in Party Walls & Neighbourly matters, Thorpe Building Consultancy is able to administer the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996.  We recommend our appointment as Party Wall Surveyor is made as early as possible as it allows us to assess the implications of the Act on the scheme. The Act requires us to act impartially and our duty is to the Act. We carry out our duties by the service or the relevant notices and engaging with the Adjoining Owners and/or their surveyor.  Thorpe Building Consultancy has extensive experience in being appointed on behalf of the Building Owner, Adjoining Owner or as the Agreed Surveyor.


CDM 2015

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, also known as CDM Regulations or CDM 2015, which came into force on 6 April 2015, are regulations governing the way construction projects of all sizes and types are planned in the UK.  We are able to provide project specific advice and ensure the various duty holders obligations are realised and their duties are met.  The regulations require a Client to appoint a Principal Designer to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that the project is carried out without risks to health and safety.  We have the experience, skills and knowledge to undertake the role of Principal Designer/CDM Advisor and will advise the Client from the outset, to ensure that the Client fully complies with their obligations.